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About Us

Kurd auction is the first of its kind in Kurdistan region of Iraq. We specialize in the online portal to the world of wholesale auto auctions in Kurdistan and Iraq. This innovative technology allows buyers around the world to search buy and export any type of car as they choose. Our live auction department uses a combination of land and ocean transportation to deliver vehicles purchased through direct auctions.

Kurd Auction is a part of Rawa Auto with almost 20 years of experience in the automotive field.  Kurd auction declares an amount of time to allow customers to bid and outbid one another until highest bidder wins the vehicle. Our facility is state of the art with speakers and microphone set up to resonate the sound of the auction speakers clearly and large screen televisions to show the cars full options and upcoming vehicles in a timely manner. Once a car arrives in the showroom, customers will be able to inspect the vehicle through a (PDF) report before bidding begins.

We offer our live auction several times in a month and have new and used vehicles available to bid on.

Recent Buyers

  • Halo44 $1000