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Terms Conditions

Terms and Regulations:

1. Dear customer, when you enter Kurd auction's website, you should read all the terms and regulations and agree on them. Once you used the website, it means that you have agreed on all terms and regulations. Otherwise, you may not enter the website and use it.

2. If you don't obey the terms, Kurd Auction will take suitable legal actions. Because, working on this system is online and is dealing with number and accounts, so customers are responsible and should deal carefully and keep their information.

3. By registering you should fill all the required information correctly. If any problem happened we deal with ID card and passport. Otherwise, we are not responsible if you fill the information incorrectly.

4. Customers should keep their information private and are responsible for saving what is in the account, password and membership card. If someone entered the system by the member's fault, we are not responsible for it.

5. Exchanging or giving your account to someone else to use it, is not allowed. The account owner will face legal actions and their account will be closed and their fees will not be refunded.

6. Customer should be 18 years of age or older.

7. Once a customer bid on a car, he/she cannot withdraw or delete the bid amount unless someone else bids a higher amount.

8. Kurd auction is not responsible in the misusing of one's account. But if there is a situation you can call us in order to resolve it.

9. Persons try to hack or enter our programs, except retrieving his/her balance we will file a complaint take legal actions.

10. Kurd Auction is not responsible for any imperfection and fault which happen by external causes which are not in our control, like the third party or an external force.



11. All the rights of Kurd Auction website are reserved. You cannot use the contents on the website without getting permission from the company's administration. Otherwise, we are free to take any legal action. If any situation happened you have to inform us within 24 hours to settle the situation.

12. Whenever you bid on a car, you should deposit 20% of the bid amount. When you win the car in the auction you have to pay the other

80% within 24 hours. If the required 80% is not paid within the 24 hours, you will lose the 20%. 

Personal information:

All the personal information of the customers are kept safe and will not be revealed, unless a governmental party ask for it, or for defending, protecting the goods, cars and the other information of  Rawa auto company.


Alteration right:

Kurd Auction has the authority to make any change in the program, service prices, terms and regulations whenever we as administration want it. We are not responsible to inform the customers. But if the changes have negative effect on the customers we will inform them before applying the new changes. We will let our customers have the right to choose whether they continue on using the service, or if they want another service.


Void Contract and Legal Actions:

Whenever a situation occurs for the first time, we as company may void the customer's contract and for further misconduct we will use the most updated federal laws of Kurdistan and Iraq to take legal actions.


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